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Meeting Date: 4/3/2017 - 6:30 PM
Type: Info
Subject: Recognition of Students Named All State by the Illinois Music Education Association
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Summary: The Board of Education recognizes the following students named All State by the Illinois Music Education Association:

Southeast High School – Angela Brink, Choir Director
Wynton Gage – Bass II, Chorus

Springfield High School – Kelly Goldberg, Band Director, and Damien Kaplan, Choir Director
Adam Bridges – Alto II, Honors Chorus
Dugan Hollinshead – Tenor I, Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Carlton Brown – Oboe, Band
Joyce Gao – Clarinet, Band
Jason Gao – Trumpet, Band
Jocelyn Garcia – Bassoon, Band
Matthew Knox – French Horn, Band
Anneliese Paton – Flute, Band
Ben Rempfer – Clarinet, Band
Kendall Wobig – Clarinet, Band
Riley Maitret – Bass Trombone, Jazz Band
Caitlin Zoschke – Cello, Orchestra
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Jennifer E. Gill - Superintendent